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Discover Overflowing Joy in the Slow Ache of Waiting

Waiting is hard.

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Maybe you are longing for a baby, maybe you are waiting for a promotion at work, maybe you are waiting for a breakthrough in your finances, or maybe you are still desiring a spouse.

Whatever the area, you are feeling a void. You are lacking something you desire.

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The desires in your heart have not yet come to your door step, and the longer you have to wait, the more your attention and focus seems to dial in on that one thing—wondering, waiting and often whining for that desire to finally come to pass.

So, what do we do?

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We pray, we try to create opportunities to make this thing manifest. We consult with our friends, asking them to pray and help us create opportunities.

Personally, as I’ve observed my own areas of lack, I’ve become aware of the greater significance these voids have in my life.

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This awareness has given me greater clarity and understanding of my heart’s desire, but most of all the desire of God’s heart as well.

Of course there are still times when I scream, “God when will you provide _____________.” But overall I am allowing these areas of lack to draw more passion and purpose for the very thing I am longing for.


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