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The Lord Saves My Children from a Poisonous Snake

Everglades Rat Snake

I was a Moslem but came to know Christ in 1987. One of the gifts God gave me is to know His voice and of the Holy Spirit. God does this through highlighting scriptures and through the inward impressions of the Holy Spirit.

One morning in 1997 I was taking breakfast with my family. Usually after breakfast on weekends my children would go to the front yard to play. They had a mat on the lawn on which they would sit while playing. That morning I had taken half of the tea in my cup when suddenly I felt a voice within my spirit telling me to leave the table and go to the front yard of our house.

At first I said in my mind that this was just a silly thought. Soon after taking another sip from the cup, I heard the same inner voice again, telling me to put down my cup of tea. This time I had no doubt that it was the Holy Spirit who was telling me to go out. My family was surprised to see me leaving the table to go out of the house. When I reached the front yard, I stood there without knowing what to do. Then as I stood there, a thought came to my mind. I said to myself: “Always, it is my children sweeping this yard, today I want to give them a surprise. They will find it swept.” So, I went in one corner of the yard to pick up a broom. At that moment, another thought, or call it a voice, came into my mind. I said to myself: “I will start this sweeping exercise by removing this mat”. I bent to remove the mat only to see a tail of a very poisonous snake. I shouted for help and my family came to my rescue. We beat the snake and killed it. If God had not impressed upon me to go out, my children were going to sit on this mat thereby irritating the snake which would have bitten them. God is good.

Makko Musagara


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