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When Ministry Gets Tough

1. God is in control

 I have faced some days when I forgot that God is in control. In those moments, I internalized the challenges and difficulties in ministry. This resulted in me withdrawing from others and experiencing a sense of loneliness. Upon occasion, my “ownership” of ministry set me back from God’s intention for me.

Through God’s Word and the power of the Holy Spirit, I was brought back to the realization that God is in control. This liberated me from the burden of ministry and freed me up to be all God wanted me to be. When we remember that our God reigns in and over all situations, including the tough times in ministry, we are liberated to realize God’s full-intended purpose for our lives and ministries.


2. God will see you through

Ministry is full of seasons. The secret to longevity in ministry is learning to surf the waves of ministry seasons. They are like the tide; they come and go, they rise and go down. When we forget this, tough days can be overwhelming.

“Regardless of how you carry out God’s calling in ministry, at times, you go through difficulty.”

But through it all, God will see you through. He will see you through days when your critics threaten you. He will see you through when people you love let you down. He will even see you through days where the ministry experiences loss rather than growth. Pastor and minister, God will see you through.


3. God is carrying out His purpose

We have no problem seeing God’s purpose when He uses us powerfully. We have little problem receiving good things from the hands of God. However, when we walk through tough times in ministry, His purpose and power is not always seen or felt by us. At times we wonder if God has forgotten us.


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