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For Mothers of Prodigals: 6 Reasons to Keep Hoping

Mother’s Day has come and gone.


Thank God, some women say.

You may have noticed them wiping their eyes in church while the sweet, sappy, I love you, Mom, you’re the best! video played. They weren’t crying because they were touched by the sentimentality of the footage. They were crying because their hearts were breaking.

They were wondering if they’d ever hear their adult children say I love you, Mom again. They were looking at someone else’s child holding up a finger-painted card and wondering what went wrong with their own. They were watching the gangly preteen read a carefully written prayer thanking God for mothers and remembering their own children’s most recent words, which were anything but thankful. And instead of hurrying to collect their children from the nursery after service, they rushed home hoping to find a message on their voicemail.

Only to be disappointed.


They are the mothers of prodigals.

If you are one of the ones who cried during that video for all the wrong reasons, I have six things to say to you.


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