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Praise The Lord! Eunice Njeri Gets Married In The US

As promised, Issac Bukasa and Eunice Njeri have followed up their pre-wedding ceremony held on November 13 with a real wedding on Saturday 26.


Eunice Njeri and husband Issac Bukasa popularly known as Izzoraps

The wedding was held in the US, Texas at US at Neema Gospel church. Izzo, who is based in the US, proposed on August of 2016 after dating for two years.


Through an Instagram post fellow artist DJ Krowbar congratulated the couple on their wedding.

Just like their wedding, their pre wedding was low-key event attended by family and close friends. In fact, very few people knew about the two events.

Eunice Njeri finally gets married (photo)

The two haven’t talked about the wedding so far and their fans are still waiting for a statement from them.

Watch Izzo raps video below:


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