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Guidance on cultivating “relationship” with God

Guidance on cultivating “relationship” with God - Hallelujah
Guidance on cultivating “relationship” with God - Hallelujah

Relationship with God

How do I get to have a relationship with God? Most of the time, many of us who religiously identify themselves as Christians think that going to church on whatever day you are accustomed to and saying a prayer when you are having trouble is having a relationship with God.

A normal relationship between a man and a woman is normally very engaging. There’s so much that goes on. From buying flowers, going out for dinner, making calls during the day, spending time with each other in the house during the weekends and a lot more.These things matter a lot for everyone’s significant other and causes trouble which may lead to terminating a relationship. Sad, right?

On the other hand, whatever happens, God never terminates our relationship with Him. Let’s get really practical about about this. The way we handle God is so casual, compare it to how you handled your toy car. You tossed it around and only cared about it when you had to show it to your friends in the neighborhood.

God being a supreme being deserves some reverence from the people that He looks over.He demands that we have a father son relationship with Him. Even so, He is a little bit lenient about this. He doesn’t impose this, He gives us the free will to decided on how we would like to relate with Him.

How to get cultivate the relationship

  • Acknowledge that He is God.There is no way you can cultivate a relationship with someone whose authority you do not recognize. Acknowledging that God is God is an important foundation to building your relationship with God. You need  to consider God as the supreme being and he overall authority above everything else.


  • Spend time reading the word of GodWord of GodYou would definitely look out of place when you do not have facts on who you worship. “A verse a day keeps the devil away”- This should be an important tool in your christian life. Understanding God’s purpose in your life is key to understanding the role you have to play in building a father son relationship with god. The word of God provides guidance and illuminates God’s wisdom about His purpose for mankind.It further acts as a guide on how a christian should conduct themselves. The word of God is a weapon against the enemy. Every person that considers themselves as a christian should put on the full armor of God. His word, for them to conquer the enemy in whatever battles they bring our way.


  • Belong to a church. The church, since the beginning of time, has played a significant role in building strong Christians. Even the word of God itself acknowledges the fact that we need engage ourselves with a community of believers. Learning from other Christians helps us have a deeper understanding of the word of God on different perspectives. Learning about what God is doing in peoples lives in the church creates a  desire from within to know and understand God. Building your relationship with Him, so important.The church elders have authority from God. Even Jesus Himself was presented to the church and a blessing spoken over His life from the church elders. Belonging a church allows you to have spiritual guidance from the church elders. They are like your guardian or more so lets say a parent. When we were toddlers, our parents would hold our hands as we took the first step and as it is for most toddlers, we were scared and our parents didn’t let us go until we could walk on our own. Even after that our parents still look after us as we grow to provide guidance and correct us. That is what the church and the church elders do, which will go a long way in strengthening your relationship with God.
  • Practice the gospel you know. Most people would judge a christian by the way they behave. Anything contrary to what you preach, then you will be automatically tagged as a hypocrite.Something we all don’t like and would not want to be the talk of the town, thanks to our “my choice way” of carrying out our selves. So, the rule is simple”Practice what you preach


  • Pray without ceasing Prayer is talking to God. Simple!!! So do this more than ever before. You need Him more than He needs you



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