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Remember These Truths When You Feel Like Giving Up

We’ve all been there! The point when you want to give up. Something or someone sets you off and you want to quit and run the other direction.


I get it. I’ve been there. This post is for those moments when you want to hide and feel like you can’t keep going anymore!

Here Are Your 5 Reasons Not to Quit! 

  1.  You are worth it.

Even now you may find yourself in the pit of despair, sinking lower and lower into the dark abyss and wondering why life is so hard. But I warn you, stop sinking! Fight your way out and keep on going. You are absolutely worth it and deserve the best. Yes, life isn’t fair and nothing will be handed to you on a platter, but everything worthwhile takes a little effort, and you are more than worth the effort.


  1.  The people around you are worth it. 

I get that the people around you may be the ones who are driving you crazy, but I know there are other relationships in your life who need you. Maybe they don’t always express their gratitude or appreciation, but regardless, without your presence in their lives, they would feel incredibly less “full” without you. So if not for you, stay in the game for them today and maybe someday they will thank you!

  1.  Your future is worth it. 

It’s official none of us live in a Disney movie, but like each of the characters you too have a purpose and destiny to live and it’s waiting for you to step into each and every day. Maybe today feels like you’re in a horror movie with everything going wrong, but tomorrow, and the next day after that, is a new day. Who knows what might happen!

  1.  The generations after you are worth it. 

It may not seem like your actions and behavior effect those who come after you, but they absolutely do. Whether it’s those in your family or at work, the younger generations are always reacting or responding to the older generations. Be mindful of who is around you and take note of the influence you have.


  1.  The roses are worth it. 

When life is hard, I know it can feel impossible to see any good or recognize anything you can be thankful for, but that is just what you must do in these moments. Stop and smell the roses, even if there’s only thing in front of you to be grateful for. Stop and smell that rose like you’ve never smelled a rose before! Over time you’ll realize it’s these little things that actually make the journey so fulfilling.

And if none of that works to get you out of the pit, just keep swimming!

Keep going, stay the course, and eventually the sun will come up on a new day. It’s science, and you can’t argue with that!


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