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Sudanese Man Falls On His Knees To Thank God In A US Airport In An Emotional Reunion With Family And Three Year Old Daughter He Has Never Met

What does sheer gratitude look like? The moment a Sudanese refugee was reunited with his family at a Texas airport pretty much says it all.

The story began back in 2012 when a Sudanese woman showed up in Forth Worth, Texas, pregnant and with her two small children. Her husband couldn’t make the trip, unable to leave the refugee camp because the couple had lost their marriage papers while fleeing war. They had to find a way to prove they were married and that the children were indeed his. The man, Dyan, feared he would never see his family again.

Four long years later, Dyan finally resolved the issue and was cleared for travel to America and see his wife and children – including meeting his now three-year-old for the first time.

There wasn’t a dry eye in the house. Watch:


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