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An Unexpected Answer to Prayer

Many are the plans in a person’s heart, but it is the Lord’s purpose that prevails.  —Proverbs 19:21

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I was worried about my grandson Logan’s unstable situation at home and expressed my concern to my husband, Chuck. “We have to keep praying for him. That’s all we can do,” he said. Then, trying to lift my spirits, he offered, “Maybe this summer we can get a travel trailer.” Chuck had been planning this purchase since we got married as empty nesters a few years earlier.

It was one of the things on our bucket list. “Really?”

We had done a lot of talking about plans, but to put a date on one was a surprise. Immediately, my mood brightened as I envisioned trips we’d take.

“Sure. We’re both retired now, so we can start traveling.”

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Then the phone rang and everything changed. Family Services told us that Logan couldn’t live with his mother anymore. His father, my son, single and working day and night, wasn’t an option. We were the only choice. Otherwise, Logan would go into foster care.

The very next day, we became guardians of a three-year-old and our plans took a backseat to his welfare and schedule. It wasn’t what we’d had in mind. We weren’t happy about the inconvenience, nor did we like the uncertain length of Logan’s stay. But we knew we were the best choice for him. We were the people who could provide the healthy environment he needed. The trailer would have to wait, our priorities newly rearranged.ExpectTheUnexpected

Chuck turned to me. “Well, our prayers were answered. We just didn’t know we were the answer.”

Lord, thank You for answering our prayers. Help me to be willing to do my part.



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