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10 Things that Satan Can’t Do

“It’s my own lusts, desires, and selfish wants that make sin appealing enough to cause me to step into it. The more I justify my desires and wants, the more I will want to sin in order to get them” (James 1:13-15).

My free will causes me to sin. The devil can’t make me do anything. Satan may place a bad idea in front of me, but it’s my own fault if I step into it. Sometimes, I only see the full consequences after I fall.

2. Satan Can’t Make Me Fear Death

10 Things that Satan Can't Do

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I don’t know what the length of my life will be and I don’t know how my end will come about. Fearing death seems natural; there may be pain and suffering involved. There will be pain from losing the good things on earth that I will miss. And there will probably be regrets regarding the times I didn’t live as a loving, good steward.

But those negatives will only happen in the process of death, not afterwards. The sting of death is gone because of Jesus. He will wipe away my tears and I will be in a place of warmth and love that I can’t even fathom now.

3. Satan Can’t Take My Stamina

10 Things that Satan Can't Do

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God will always give me the power to withstand temptation when I ask Him. But I need to remember to pray and ask God for that strength.


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