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10 Things that Satan Can’t Do

I can sometimes think that I’m standing strong when I’m actually standing in my own pride and determination. Then, I will soon fall. But when I lean on God and His strength, He is faithful to help me to walk right on by any temptations that threaten me (1 Corinthians 10:12-13).

4. Satan Can’t Pester Me After I Resist

10 Things that Satan Can't Do

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Satan can whisper that I deserve better; he can invite me to get what I want the quickest, easiest way possible. He can even make lies sound truthful.

However, once I make up my mind that I’m going to do it God’s way, Jesus will give me the power to follow through with my commitment and Satan has to flee. James 4:7 says that when I submit myself to God and resist Satan’s schemes, he will flee.

5. Satan Can’t Control Me

10 Things that Satan Can't Do

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Once I accept Christ into my heart, Satan cannot control me anymore. Yes, he can still pester me before I resist him in a given situation (refer back to #4). Satan can still whisper lies that sound true. But he can never control me.

When I allowed God into my soul, He locked the door behind Him. I have to say yes to Satan’s whispers, lies, and temptations in order for them to have any power in my life. Unfortunately, sometimes I do still agree with those lies-at least in a particular moment. But even after I’ve stepped in the wrong direction, I can retreat, repent, and head back to the One that my soul really loves.

6. Satan Can’t Be Everywhere at Once

10 Things that Satan Can't Do

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