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2nd Prophecy On Kenya From Servant Of God DR. THOMAS MANTON IV, Who Porphesied Uhuru Kenyattas Win Of His Second Term As President

I want to re-vamp your entire society! I have wanted to do that for a long time. I want to change the mindsets of your men and women, away from these filths and evils. I want your next generation to not ‘know’ the ridiculous and pathetic behaviours that several of your people have carried on with, for way too long!

Watch now -suddenly- for I will begin to blow new-winds of My progressively-powerful and change-producing movements across your societies and over and in and through your people, says the Lord! And then thereafter, when people see My Hand of judgement moving; they will swiftly begin to fear Me again, says the Lord! Of course, there are many reprobates, who seem hell-bent on their own destructions, because of their continued sin. But I will make examples of so many in the coming days, that a new-norm will appear in your society, for your people to begin to embrace righteousness and integrity; rather than holding on to deception and corruption! A new day is dawning now for Kenya! Surely, old-things will begin to pass-away, and new-things shall spring forth!

A new-awakening is about to emerge across your land, says the Lord! A new-season for maturing into taking responsibility and walking in serious-integrity is about to emerge in your people. And when you begin to see this manifesting more and more in many of your people in the coming-days; know that it is I, the Lord that has made this happen and come into fruition!

Your next-season will be very unlike your previous-days, says the Lord! Can you believe this, My people? Can you receive this from Me, says the Lord? Don’t you really want honesty and humility and integrity to be alive and thriving in the center and core of your existence? For if you do, and you are serious about living this out; then great-advancement will be created and manifested for your society and nation. The Lord says: “I will do this, and I will bless My people and the people that decide to act right. I will be able to initiate so many good-things, because of your cooperation with Me!”

The fires of My judgment will overtake the desires of the devil. Evil people that want to do their evils their own way will begin to be restrained. I am telling you: “This will be seen and felt. This will be a mighty new phenomenon across your nation. Evildoers will no longer be able to have their own evil-ways freely, as in days gone by. The devil and his evil-friends will be restrained. You will see this in-motion. They will not be able to have their way, in continuation. Your government will be involved in this. I will give your leaders great wisdom and ingenuity on how to work with Me on advancing your society. Many will not know it’s Me at the helm of this movement; but they will flow in it nevertheless!


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