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2nd Prophecy On Kenya From Servant Of God DR. THOMAS MANTON IV, Who Porphesied Uhuru Kenyattas Win Of His Second Term As President

Cities And Local-Government Expenditures:

I want the government-agencies to spend the monies that are coming through, on actual-projects that need to be done for the benefit of the people, says the Lord! Remember this, thieves are not Mine! And know this; they will be crushed in the end! Again, people must realize and celebrate the fact that there is a ‘right-way to do things. There is always a better-way to do things, says the Lord!

The Conquering Of Greed And Theft:

Greed and theft, and lust for power, and lust to steal and to destroy, and to hurt others in the process, will be dealt with severely in the coming-days by Me and with My severe judgment and punishment! I don’t always need man’s legal-systems to punish people. I have great-ways of doing that Myself, says the Lord! Eventually, you will see a dramatic-diminishing of criminal-behaviour in your nation, as I do this deep-work to cleanse your society so, says the Lord.

The Fear Of God Is Coming!

Men and women that have committed continued sin and crimes will be dealt with. I will make many examples of offenders in the coming-days, so others can see and fear! Remember Ananias and Sapphira! Remember Lot’s wife! Remember Korah and Haman, and Absalom and Judas, and Gehazi and others, says the Lord!

Rescues For The Innocent:

It is not My will that any should suffer or perish, at the hands of evil-doers. It is not My will that any should die from violence. It is not My will that any ‘good person should be robbed and stolen from, says the Lord! It is not My will that people with greedy minds and hearts can execute their will over others in any evil-way, says the Lord. It is not My will for any innocent-person to suffer as victims of violence or aggression from others. It is not My will. These are innocent-people. And I will rescue them, and I will punish their offenders, says the Lord!

I Am Attacking Tribalism; For I Want To Destroy It Completely, Says The Lord!

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