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8 Reasons Why Girls Are Less Interested In Christian Men

She added that, “Saved men seem to have a uniform, mostly copied from their spiritual godfathers. There is no way I will walk around with a man in an orange suit. I would rather stay single all my life!”

3. They are creepy

No woman wants to hear whispers from neighbours that her husband was caught praying naked in a nearby bush.

She does she want to accompany him to a church where they are forced to eat grass and sleep with the pastor in order to exorcise demons she is not even aware existed in her body.

4. They want to change you

Women are always ready to change in order to please their men, but they have limits. It’s one thing to change the name on her ID and drop late-night drinking sprees, but women are very reluctant when it comes to extreme fashion sense, religious beliefs and even company.

Unfortunately, most saved men expect their women to drop their friends and get new church friends, whom they personally vet.

But John Leposo, a 35-year-old born-again Christian and an aspiring pastor, defends himself and other saved men.

“I have been saved for about eight years and bodily craving is a big challenge. I need God every day to help me stay away from lust. Short skirts, tight blouses and slit dresses are all over town. I don’t want to get a wife just because she has beautiful skin. So, yes, I’m boring, but for a purpose,” he said.

5. Spend all their days doing church activities


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