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Break Your Sexual Stronghold With This Freeing Choice

You see, like so many other Christians who have addictions, I was forgiven but I wanted healing or recovery. When I started to use the principle of confession, the healing and freedom in Christ’s body was able to flow through my roommate to me. I was then able to get healed, get free and stay free.

If you and I are 100 percent willing to get honest with another person of the same gender, we can heal and be free. If we protect our pride and our perceived spiritual reputation, we are guaranteed to stay sick. One of the major things I have learned in counseling people for more than 25 years is that “What you love is what you protect.”

If you love your addictive choices and behavior, you will protect them. You will lie, minimize, blame, get angry, sulk, or do whatever you have to do to not be 100 percent honest about your participation in your addictive choices or behavior. If you love real people in your life, including yourself, you will be 100 percent honest about your addictive choices and behaviors, protect the people you love, expose those choices and behaviors to the light of another believer, and walk the path of recovery.

As an American or Western believer, culturally we are trained to appreciate the instantaneous in our lives, whether it be instant coffee, instant microwaveable food or popcorn, instant internet access, instant cell phone access and more. How many times a day do we push a button of some type and something occurs instantly?


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