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This Church Turns Into Bar After Service In Order To Keep The Congregants

The church of a small village in Belgium turns every Sunday into a bar. After the last pub of the area was closed, the priest allowed this to happen. Although you are only permitted to enter if you have been to mass!

When local parishioners from a small Belgian village asked for it, its church has been turning into a beer bar after each Sunday mass.

How to bring more people closer to God? This Christian church turns into BEER BAR after every Sunday mass (photos)

Having good times with God watching…

Brielen has only 700 inhabitants, and it is common for all to meet at church, and then grab a beer. Yet this became a problem when the last bar in the small town closed, so the local priest was happy to change the church into a bar once a week.

So this village’s beer-with-friends tradition has stayed in place, and the local priest saw it as an opportunity to do something good for his flock and attract more people to church.


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