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Con Bishop Buys A Mansion In Nairobi, Revealed By Her Daughter While Flaunting Their Luxurious Lifestyle

Bishop David Ngari popularly known as Gakuyo is on the headlines. The man of God was recently exposed by KTN’s Denis Onsarigo as a conman. Gakuyo who owns Ekeza Real Estate Saccos is said to have promised members of his Sacco two and three bedroom houses with no deposit and those interested in the deal, were required to ‘show commitment’ by paying a registration fee of Sh 20,000 which he claimed that was a registration fee during the interview with Onsarigo.

This saw thousands of innocent Kenyans register and Gakuyo allegedly collected more than 300M according to the expose by KTN.

But can’t Kenyans learn? When the deal is too good, think twice!

Well, Gakuyo is said to have acquired a chopper and bought a house in one of the city’s suburbs a clear indication that he indeed collected the money.

Gakuyo, Victor Kanyari and James Ng’ang’a are among the dubious pastors who have used the name of the Lord in vain and have been exposed for it.

Gakuyo’s daughter Grace, spilled the beans when she posted videos on her social media flaunting their expensive mansion and he was also in the video.


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