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Dead Sea Scroll Proves That The Word Of God Is Alive

This is one of the oldest ever found scrolls with God’s Words in it. However, it was burned and crushed and it has become a piece of a char coal. Scientists managed to look inside. What they found there is stunning!


During the last few centuries unbelieving people rejected God and mocked His Word, as if it was just a fairy tale. They created, developed and worshiped science as their new religion. But this very science has helped to unlock and read the most ancient writing of the Old Testament ever known

They have used laser to scan the piece of charcoal which used to be the scroll with the book of Leviticus. This book of the Bible describes the praise and worship and sacrificial services of Israel and Levi tribe.

Experts think this scroll was written 3 century AD or even before that. About three centuries after its creation the scroll was burnt down and no one could open it. Sounds pretty much like the quote from the book of Revelation!


But during the last days God has promised to give signs and wonders and speak to us. So, this technology allowed the scientists to scan the scroll without even touching it! Here is what the scientists say:

“Much of the text is as readable, or close to as readable as actual unharmed Dead Sea Scrolls or high resolution photographs of them.”

The part of the scroll they have has 18 lines in it. When compared to other scrolls they have, the texts proved to be identical!

“We were immediately struck by the fact that in these passages, the En-Gedi Leviticus scroll is identical in all of its details both regarding its letter and section division to what we call the Masoretic text, the authoritative Jewish text until today.”



The Word of God remains the same yesterday, today and tomorrow! It never changes and it is as true for us today, as it was in the times of Moses! We can trust our great God Who has given us His surest word of prophesy to live by faith! Halleluiah!



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