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Dennis Okari Continues To Share The Living Word And The Grace Of An Amazing God

Betty Kyallo’s estranged husband Dennis Okari has seen the light. The NTV journalist has of late been writing articles on real-life situations and spreading the gospel of God and it’s with no doubt, Okari has transformed into a new man after parting ways with his wife, Betty Kyallo.

In one of his many inspirational pieces, Dennis Okari is calling upon sinners to repent and seek God’s intervention. He says that it’s never too late to accept God and He will always forgive us no matter what. Okari has used the story of Rahab, the harlot, who is mentioned in the book Joshua of to drive his point home.

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My first journalism class in the year 2000, had the most unusual opening lines by my lecturer the late Mr. Kamau, who had a stolidly calm disposition.

He walked briskly into a noisy class of around 40 students and with eyes darting around like an astonished fish, asked, “What is news?” puzzled looks on our faces ushered in quietude.

The outspoken in class tried hard to impress but he quickly jumped in with an answer and said “When a dog bites a man it’s not news. When a man bites a dog, that’s news.” “Aaaaaaaaaa!” we all beamed with excitement and jotted down the first wonder of journalism.


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