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“Don’t Hold God’s Hands You Will Get Tired And Drop Him, Let Him Hold Your Hands”, Akothee tells Fans

Behind every smiling woman there is broken little girl ! With this pregnancies I chased the owners till I got tired !when I woke up from my dreams and realised that I use less energy to chase my dreams than chasing men ! Trust me ! I gained my strength and stood on my feet , I learnt to grab any opportunity that landed on my door steps , where you are right now I know you are broken , you feel like the end has come and you should just die ! Don’t hold God’s hands you will get tired and drop him Let him hold your hands He never gives up, He is the Living God remind him of your troubles and worries, He knows what you are going through now, But he allows you to go through so get ready for the bigger plans ahead ! Trust me if God showed me whom I would be today in 2009! The world would have been folded ! Don’t give up my darling ! He is teaching you to patience ! he wants you to learn from experience so you have a taste of both lives, lest you forget the less fortunate. Things that comes easy don’t last, that’s why you wonder when rich people die they only leave a legacy but all the wealth vanishes , simply because , the wealth they left behind ,lands in the hands of people who dint sweat or toil for them ! Be patient ,God is teaching you to be humble Goodnight my darling and when God remembers you also let us know of the miracle of THE LIVING GOD . Some of us would have been long Gone if it were not living by faith SOMEONE TYPE AMEN”


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