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Don’t Limit God in the Great Plans He Has for You

Andrew Wommack believes every one of us has plans from God that are bigger than what we’re dreaming. Yet we limit God by our small thinking—often without realizing it.


When I heard Andrew say this in Colorado recently, it caused me to realize that I also limit God without realizing it. I asked him to record a podcast, to which you can listen below. He briefly tells how how God convicted him in 2002 because, like the children of Israel who “limited the Holy One of Israel” (Ps. 78:41), he was limiting God in own his life.

At that time, his ministry was “successful,” sporting a staff of 24. But when he learned the meaning of meditating on God’s Word day and night and when he understood that the word “meditate” also can be translated “imagination,” Andrew began to believe God for bigger things and more impact. Today, he has 600 staff members and 70 Bible schools around the world, and he is building a beautiful campus for his Charis Bible College in Woodland Park, Colorado, which I visited recently.


He also wrote a book titled Don’t Limit God (Harrison House), which I read last week and am reading a second time. While I’ve understood some of these concepts and have had to believe God for the media company we have today, I’ve been convicted in many ways that I limit God regarding what I believe He has planned for me and my organization in the future.

However, this message is not only about me or those in leadership who need to understand how not to limit God. Everyone needs to take the limits off God in what they are believing for their own family or church, or how they can be involved in their communities.


Listen to Andrew share his testimony in his own words in this podcast. If you like it, subscribe to my “Strang Report” to hear the several podcasts I post a week. Several recent podcasts have really taken off and we just passed the 100,000 mark in downloads. If you like the podcast, share it with friends and on social media. For more in-depth study, read Andrew’s book Don’t Limit God.


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