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Emmy Kosgei Says She Thought Eric Omondi Had Gone Insane After Gods Must Be Crazy Clip

Eric Omondi has made it big. He flew the Kenyan flag high on the Jimmy Fallon show. Despite this super high gained from his stint on the Hollywood show, Eric still got emotional after Emmy Kosgei went public and did this to him.

Eric is known for pushing the envelope and will do everything in his power to position himself as a trend setter in the comedy business.

Name any stunt, he has done it. Check out the photos.

Emmy Kosgei who is in the country for a Woman’s Day gig, said she did not fully understand what Eric was doing with his career. Especially when they shoot the “God Must Be Crazy” lampoon with Chipukeezy. Kenyans online thought they were stark raving mad.

Emmy confessed the same thing during an Insta-Live session.

“Nilikuona na hiyo bush man costume, I thought you were mad. I did not understand. But the more you did your thing the more it made sense. Now I Understand.”

The Taai star who is based in Nigeria where her husband, Apostle Anselm Madubuko, lives and works added, “We are trying our best to represent Kenya whenever we are. Good job Eric you have made us proud.”

Referring to his stint on the Hollywood production, The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon.

Eric was overwhelmed but the big up, he wrote, “I miss you too siz. I will be back next week.”

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