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Gladys Kamande Generator Woman, Who Made Street boy Cry, Is Now Healed And Can Occasionally

Kenyans were on Saturday, March 18, woken up to a miracle Gladys Kamande, the woman who could not breathe on her own and suffered blindness is now healed.

A delicate surgery restored her sight and she can now breathe on her own on occassion.

There are these moments in life where you see miracles happening in someone’s life and you wonder if it will ever happen to you.

gladys kamande

Gladys Kamande is a survivor of domestic violence. She has been breathing using machines and has been blind for five years now.

You seek solace in the Bible and then you catch up with a woman in her 80s giving birth and the Chosen one rising from the dead, and you can’t help marvel at how awesome God is. He is incomprehensible, right?

But then you feel removed because all these things happened in the past, so you turn to Facebook, where you live your life, watch others live theirs because nothing much happens in yours no matter how much you hope and you pray…

The God gives you a sign. He always comes through. You came across Ndungu Nyoro’s post on Gladys Kamande’s recovery and there is this indomitable hope and lightness in you, that there is good out there. There is hope.

gladys kamande

Gladys during her treatment in Kenya before being flown to India.


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