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“We Made It This Far Because God Was On Our Side”, Young Kajiado Deputy Governor Says

During his inauguration at Maasai Technical Training Institute, Moshisho walked with his wife, Beatrice as climbed the dais to take his oath of office.

Both the couple exhibited love in the family through unending smiles as both could take leave to look at each other before a multitude of people.

Beatrice did not exhibit fear at the look of his super tall and handsome husband, who kept hundreds of unmarried young women around with immeasurable amount of jealousy.

After being sworn to office, Deputy Governor Moshisho took hold of his lovely son and sat between the outgoing governor, Nkedianye and his boss.

Once in a while, Moshisho could be seen playing mimicking games with his son as his wife, Beatrice watched from a corner at the dais that was set aside for the dignitaries.

With all the traps of power that go along with his office, Moshisho is said to be a down-to-earth person, who listens to everyone that seeks his help.

Here are photos of Martin Moshisho


Martin Moshisho



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