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Why you need to switch from daily bundle to FLEX bundle

When Safaricom launched the FLEX bundle, it promised to give at least 35 per cent more value to what customers were getting before. Well, today, we breakdown the Daily FLEX bundle, and take a comparative look at the additional value it is offering in comparison to the traditional daily data bundles.

Under the daily data bundle, you will need to dial *544# to subscribe for the below package:

Data Bundle SMS Cost
7MB 7 SMS Sh. 5
15MB 15 SMS Sh. 10
35 MB 35 SMS Sh. 20
60 MB 60 SMS Sh. 30
150 MB 150 SMS Sh. 50


Under this package, you will not be able to make voice calls unless you top up your account. When using the newly launched FLEX Bundle plan, you will need to dial *100# for prepay and *200# for postpaid.

The daily FLEX Bundle has brought together all the daily bundles and added additional value unto them. For instance, this is what you will get for every daily FLEX subscription:

FLEX Bundle Number of FLEX Units Cost MBS Minutes SMS
Daily FLEX 115 Sh. 99 345MB 38 345


Daily Bundle vs Daily FLEX

Below is a look at how you will gain by switching to the new FLEX Bundle.

Type of Bundle Number of FLEX Units Highest Cost MBS Minutes SMS Value
Daily Bundle 0 Sh. 50 150 0 150 0
FLEX Bundle 115 Sh. 99 345 38 345 More data, Talk Time, More SMS


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