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“I Was Not Shocked Neither Was Not Expecting Anything Better Than that”, Betty Bayo Now Speaks On Husband Kanyari

When you meet her, don’t ask her about Pastor Victor Kanyari. She has moved on and so should you. She is relishing her freedom and revelling in her new-found love.

I spot her in the midst of a laid back troupe. Musicians, I later learn, and quite an interesting mix, some with turbans on their heads and other pious looking ones trading wise cracks.

A jolly bunch. She is dressed down in a pink top and denim jeans, and she cuts quite a picture of radiance and youthfulness.

In fact, one would say she looks like a different woman altogether, confident and assured. Not quite like a deer caught in the headlights as seen in her TV interviews following a 2014 Jicho Pevu expose’.

She was caught in the centre of a media storm surrounding her then husband and Pastor Victor Kanyari, who was allegedly scamming the faithful. I am here to meet Betty Bayo, the illustrious musician whose stellar reputation was marred by the purported misdoings of her ex-husband.

Betty Bayo [Photo: Courtesy]

She has since moved on, and she isn’t going to be dragged back into the mess, she tells me in an exasperated tone. And since I want an interview, I am ready to play the dance.

“People want to know,” I explain. And I can see her caving, maybe worn down by the hunger journalists wear so well. “OK. The last media interview I will ever do on the matter,” she promises, settling into the interview.

But why? Victor is still a part of your life.

Well, he once told me to stop talking about him. He said I should tell anyone who asked me questions about him to call his office line and talk to him directly. That I should talk about my music, not him. But it is not just about him, and I do not want to act in that role anymore. It is not funny.


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