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Open Letter To Eunice Njeri On Her Marriage

“l i think surrounding one self with failures in a field will contribute to fear of entering that field and surrounding oneself with the successful in whichever field will make one motivated informed and interested to learn more on the field, Corinthians is clear bad company corrupts good morals, walk with the wise you will be wise, a companion of fools is destroyed. people are fools in some fields we have to admit that so consult from the professionals, from books from teachings and bible schools also basic knowledge says ……a famous personality needs a not famous person……eg Cece Winans famous look at his husband hardly known so peace reigns and a lot more bunch of people, Kirk Franklin etc the list is endless, Juanita tried a famous personality and she was warned by many but ignored….read books they will make you better. wise choice but almost late. take care. but i strongly think you need to watch your company and build your knowledge bank. otherwise Engineers/Pilots/Doctors would not be who they are, what makes them is the reading, knowledge they have acquired and after certification they are still released in the world under the mentorship/ training/ supervision of the experienced ones……show me your friends i show you your future…”



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