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Are These Pastors Illuminati? Check Out If Your Pastor Is One Among Them

There have been rumors about the possibility of having illuminati pastors in Kenya because of the controversial lifestyles they lead. It becomes very questioning to have a pastor that was once very poor and one that could barely make ends meet suddenly turn into a person that lives a lavish lifestyle.
The fact that he or she can afford to go on vacations aboard and trips every other week without thinking about it leaves a lot to be desired and makes wonder if they have suddenly become part of illuminati in Kenya. While some of these suddenly rich pastors have an explanation for their affluence it almost always never cuts it.
Kenyans will always speculate that something is behind the riches even when the pastors’ simple explanation is the tithing and giving of their rich congregation blessings. The fact that some of the ministers have been able to build several homes, drive the latest models of vehicles and take their children to some of the best schools in the county and abroad; leaves many wondering if there are any forces responsible for such profound success. The following is an illuminati members list in Kenya involving pastors.

Illuminati pastors in Kenya


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