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Are These Pastors Illuminati? Check Out If Your Pastor Is One Among Them

So just who features in the illuminati members in kenya pastors list?
Pastor Thomas Wahome Of Helicopter Ministries
This is one of the pastors that lead in the team of illuminati servants. He is not being truthful to his congregation as sources reveal that he was given a command by the illuminati order to tell his congregation about his granted access to the book of life. As a result, he began charging his congregation for the same. With some large amount of money an interested congregant could pay to find out whether or not they are included in the book of life.
This is not only blasphemous but also a con game that would not have any person suspects his ill intentions. It is unfortunate that the leader of helicopter Christ church is leading his flock astray just because he was to dupe the faithful. His was one of the confirmed Kenyan illuminati churches even though the congregants were unaware.
Prophet Victor Kanyari victor kanyari
It was not until the scandalous expose by a KTN news anchor that people got to know the real nature of the so called prophet f God. This was a con game that had been going on for so long. It is disappointing how Kenyan clergy are willing to go to any length to get them rich. This owner of salivation healing ministry, a 310 in family pastor was duping people for the longest time for healing. People would pay 310 shillings which they would send to his accounts with the hope that something would happen in their lives. This is one of the best Kenyan actors in illuminati as everything he did was calculated and almost believable.


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