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Persevere in Prayer

My eyes grow dim with waiting for my God…At an acceptable time, O God, in the abundance of your steadfast love, answer me. Psalm 69:3b, 13b (NRSV)

There are seasons of life in which God seems closer than a best friend. We know he is near and receive the gift of his presence with joy and thanksgiving. You may find yourself in this place this very moment, and for that you can give thanks. However, many of us today wake up to incredible heartache, grief, and loss, and wonder why God seems so distant and absent from our pain and grief.

One of my favorite things about the Psalms is their ability to express the full range of human emotion. Within the same book of the Bible you find the highest of heights and the lowest of lows. There we find unspeakable joy, affection, and delight, as well as severe anger, inconsolable grief, and seemingly unanswered prayers. In today’s psalm, we find steadfast hope and trust in the face of heartache, fear, and doubt.

Do you have prayers that you’ve prayed your entire life yet still struggle to see God’s hand at work? Prayers for healing from long-term illness and chronic pain. Prayers for the salvation of a lost family member or co-worker. Prayers for reconciliation of a relationship that was once close yet has been strained or broken for decades. You may find yourself resonating with the words from Psalm 69 today: “My eyes grow dim with waiting for my God.”


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