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Prophet Bushiri Introduces ‘Anointed Pregnancy Kits’ To His Women Church Congregants

I really don’t know what to call him. A prophet of God or a doctor or an investigator? Controversial founder and leader of Enlightened Christian Gathering ministries, prophet Shepherd Bushiri popularly referred to as Prophet Major One has once again made the headlines.

The Malawian born again pastor has introduced an anointed pregnancy kit for his women church congregants.

It’s so shameful that a ‘man of God’ would introduce something like this to congregants, instead of preaching sanity. What has happened to the long time salvation that put everybody on notice when you sin?

Where is the church heading to? He claims the ‘anointed Pregnancy kit’ will be able to let the women in his church know the father of their children which means the woman have several men in their lives, that’s why they can’t tell who is the father is.

I was wondering if this is the way to help, distributing pregnancy kits. i don’t know which way salvation is going. The Servant of God is supposed to show the women the right way to God but not to encourage them to sin more.

This is what he said;

“Instead of prophesying about man who made them pregnant they can just use my accurate anointed pregnancy test. I speak the Word to those pregnancy test. The power of God will get in, they use my tests and God does something,” Bushiri said during a live interview with Mpumalanga FM.

The way to salvation is righteousness through Jesus Christ, I beseech those who are called to know that you will be accountable before God. All those souls you have led astray. If You are really called preach righteous through Christ but not to encourage people to sin. Unless you are serving another kingdom.

Salvation will never change, times may change and we may proclaim that salvation has changed. It doesn’t…To abstain from sin is core.



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