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This Is Why Single Men And Ladies Will Be Single Forever, Pastor Robert Burale Says

Kenyan women are sexy and attractive but there are a few who have weird behaviours that leave many wondering whether they are serious.

From partying, Monday to Monday, gossiping to smoking shisha like industrial chimneys, no one can beat these so called ‘classy’ babes.

They turn up in some of the most expensive city clubs, concerts and woe unto you if you invite her out at your local. You won’t have peace.

Ask her to accompany you to your shags in Kisumu and she will demand you pay for her a flight ticket because she is too pretty to use a bus or a shuttle or even ride the SGR.

Shisha girls

Anyway, kila nyani na starehe zake. Stylish pastor and motivational speaker Robert Burale who is known for his hunk looks has finally spoken out about why many Kenyan women and men end up single forever.

Burale has advised Kenyan women to cease posting photos of themselves smoking shisha on social media because it’s a turn-off and that’s why men keep off.

In short, no man is ready to settle down with a party animal. Kwani ni DJ umeoa?

“Ladies, posting photos of you smoking shisha (sheesha) may just be one of the reasons you don’t get calls from serious men.”

Burale went ahead to advise men as well and here is what he said;

“Men,: Posting photos with sagging jeans may be the reason serious women are running away from you.”

Kenyan Men & Women

Burale’s sentiments saw many support him here are some of the comments

Allan: Sagging your jeans and smoking sheesha isn’t a big deal so long as its not in the wrong place wrong time

Pinky: I always love your thinking Mr burale

Wanjoree: They copy Americans, well somebody tell them actually sheesha is smoked by locals living in American ghettos and most people just take pics posing with sheesha, it’s a health risk, you actually have to sign a waiver with your insurance if you smoke the thing so Kenyans don’t copy everything you see.

Chris: Hehehehe here in Kenya guys think it’s cool classy

Shiku: Very true, women who smoke sheesha think they are soo cool and rich that’s why they make sure they post pics and videos on social media for their friends to see

Angelina: Its sad this generation thinks vice versa of this.

Naomi: We’re so good at copyright but why can’t we take the good virtues and ignore bad morals


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