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The Day Ruth Matete Was Thrown Out Of The House By Dad

She had an interview alongside her father, Abel Amunga, a legendary actor, in which they opened up about a lot including their father-daughter relationship.

Ruth Matete

As the interview went on, they disclosed that her father chased her out of the house when he found out she had a boyfriend.

The two are best friends now and so she does not have any regrets about how he raised her.

The intimacy of their relationship was probably the reason why he got so mad. Ruth Matete’s father threw her out with a packed bag and took her to the boyfriend’s house where he lived with the parents.

“I got angry and ordered Ruth to pack up her things. I literally took her to her boyfriend’s place, and asked his family to take her in. The man was still living with his parents. So, I told them: ‘Chukueni bibi, ndiyo huyo nimewaletea!”

In as much as this sounds bad, their relationship allowed them to be open with each other. Ruth even said that she advises him on the roles to take.

Ruth Matete with her boyfriend

So any advice on the men she should date or not was accepted.

“When my dad tells me not to proceed with a relationship, I won’t proceed with it. When he tells me to run and never look back, I do exactly that,” 


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