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This Is a Season of Blessings

So, Father God, I release hope. I release hope to the hopeless. I release blessing to those who feel they have lost all, and I bind that robbing spirit. And I say to you, “Robbing spirit, thief, you must be gone from this family. You must be gone from this business. You must be gone from these finances.”

And, Father, I decree a rebuilding, a restoration, a restitution.

And, Father, I thank You, Lord, that even now, I’m asking You, Father, to send Your angels out, to begin to bring in the blessing. To bring in the harvest. To bring in the restoration. To bring in the restitution. And the Lord would say, “As you bring it in faith, and you don’t look at your problem, but you look at My Word, you will see, it will turn around.”


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