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“I Am Who I Am Today And Will Continue To Grow And Succeed Because Of The Prayers Of My Wife”, Says Willis Raburu

We have seen Willis Raburu grow in many ways, from his career to his marriage and now his weight loss journey.

He shows us his side of 10/10 and then his side when he is in church thanking God for a good week.

Willis never misses to update us on his weekly lessons of the sermon when he goes to church on Sunday.

On his Instagram, we always see his wife where he appreciates her beauty and declares his love for her with a few goofy videos.

This time, he went on to post on a not so regular note.

The TV host appreciated Marya Raburu for bringing him closer to God because he says all that he has is to the glory and honour of God. He also made it clear that he knows it’s because of his wife that he is where he is and is still growing because of her prayers.

He wrote:

Listen, do NOT be fooled. I am who I am today and will continue to grow and succeed because of the prayers of my Wife. She is beautiful on the outside and the inside. Maryaprude Raburu I celebrate, honour and love you. Thank you for drawing me closer to God.
My good friend Pichazawanga captured this moment. I thank him.

The couple’s fans went out and gave them support and wishing them well.


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