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Unlock Revelations From Heaven With This Underused Spiritual Gift

Out of your belly shall flow rivers of living water.

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An abundance of power and grace shall flow from your mouth as you pray in the Spirit.

Mysteries will be revealed, revelation knowledge shall stream forth from your mouth as you surrender your tongue to My Spirit.

You have missed in many areas because you have failed to surrender your voice to My Spirit, but that can all change now.

Humble yourself before Me, bow your knee, and you will begin to see great and mighty wonders take place before you if you will pray in the Spirit.

Starting with the first syllable of the first word in the Spirit, My creative, explosive power is released into the atmosphere and change takes place.


The more you discipline yourself to pray in the Spirit, the more change you will begin to see.

Many of My people have resisted My Spirit in this area. And many have suffered needlessly because they would not align themselves with the power of the Spirit.

But a mighty rushing wind is starting to blow from the four corners of the Earth as My intercessors are calling forth a revival of true repentance.

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A spiritual storm of immeasurable proportions gathers in strength; light and darkness clash, good and evil do not mix, but light always invades the darkness.

And darkness you will see, as many will flee from Me, and follow after the lusts of the flesh, and all forms of ungodliness.

But as My people, who are called by My name, humble themselves and pray, seek My face, repent of their wickedness, I hear from heaven, and I heal their land.

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A new heaven and a new Earth is being called down, and here there is no darkness, no sorrow, no pain and no more tears. It is a land without fear, because the enemy is not allowed here.

Prepare yourselves in the Spirit, for My return is drawing ever so near.


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