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Your Only Way to Survive Life’s Thrashing Waves

“I’ve learned to kiss the wave that slammed me into the rock.” —Charles Spurgeon


This is an unconventional, unexpected response to the things that catch us unaware. Recently I watched as my granddaughter Sophia played in the waves. She reveled in the wonder of taking each wave head on. No matter how many times the waves knocked her over and she found herself submerged, it was all a game. Laughing, she found her feet, wiped her eyes and emerged, ready to meet the next one.


Spurgeon is not referring to a rocky coastline, but to Christ the rock. Each day is a new opportunity to determine how we will respond to life’s waves. If we become defensive, then any issue that comes to light will remain a problem. If we humble ourselves, then the trial allows the Holy Spirit to increase our depth and therefore our capacity for godliness. Becoming a deep well takes a healthy involvement with life. Depth cannot be purchased—it must be pursued.image-waves-of-lake-erie

Join John and I in a deeper conversation on this topic in the podcast above.


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