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Willy Paul Brags About Fame, Wealth Saying People Are Envious Of His Lifestyle

He teased people that the two are finally married but it turned out to be a music video. No one was surprised as we are already used to his lame publicity stunts.

Well he posted a photo on social media of him and Alaine holing a cute baby and claimed that people are trying to copy him

This is what he wrote, “With better half @alainesinga … I do… when you see people copying you, don’t feel bad.. know that ur an inspiration to them.. and they look upto you.”


His fans were clearly not about to let him off that easy as they too are faded with his shenanigans. These people are clearly ain’t playing;

Read some of the comments below.

prince_teixey: willy kothee atleast sasa umeongea some sense…kumbe huwa unajua unacopy bahati…gg willy posses

princess_mwangi: That clearly tells, bahati is your inspiration… #Amout

gina.adolwa.a: But you copied Bahati. What are you saying?? Smh

dann_tiropp: Who copies who? ????instead of saying when I copy others…. Damn Gospel artist mwenye kiki chungu nzima

criss_mich: This guy claims he does gospel while he sings with a secular musician,,,,dude just stop being a hypocrite coz yoh not different to a corrupt politician

debbiemluhya: Let us be honest..Willy is moving away from Gospel music!! No hard feelings. Yes l do sio gospel!! I rather listen to Diamond “Marry You” a thousand times to replace “Yes I Do” song.


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