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10 Verses to Help in Times of Uncertainty

We look around and hear the messages the world tells us.

You can do it.

You’re strong.

You’ve got this.

And somehow when something happens to us we try desperately to be strong. After all, aren’t we supposed to handle our lives? Aren’t we supposed to be large and in charge?

But God’s ways are different than our ways. Read Isaiah 55:8-9. His ways are much, much higher. Doesn’t it make sense then, that we turn whatever we are worried about over to him. His view is much clearer from up there. Plus God is sovereign. He knows everything. He’s never sitting around thinking, “Oh, what should I do now?”

Turning over our uncertain situations to the one who is all-knowing is the only thing that will give us peace. We can know that God can handle anything that comes our way. Nothing is too big. He is the one who is large and in charge. And all he asks us to do is to believe that. To take whatever faith we have, albeit small at times, and place it in him. And then, to leave it in his capable hands, not grab it back because we are impatient.

3. God gives us good things.

But what if we are waiting to hear about a promotion our family needs? One that will help us get out of this debt that threatens to crush us. Isn’t that a time when worry is acceptable? Doesn’t God see the importance of this thing before us? At times, we think that if we worry enough, God will see how much this matters to us. How important it is that he answer this prayer with a yes. And once again, we need the reminder that he is God and we are not. He is well aware of not only what the job could do for us, but if it would be good for us.

Read Psalm 84:11. We need to get to the point where we trust that God does know best, no matter what we think. We must learn that if we do not get the job that we are hoping and praying for, it is because God knows it would not be good for us. If it were, then maybe he would have answered that prayer with a yes. We have to remember that God knows not only the past or the present we are in, but he also knows what lies ahead. Yes, we may think we know what is good for us, but only God truly knows.


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