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10 Verses to Help in Times of Uncertainty


When the uncertainty is becoming like a monster under your bed, it threatens to overtake you and all you feel is afraid. Read Isaiah 41:10. We are gently reminded we are not in that situation alone. He has promised that he is with us. He is aware of what is before us, and he will help us. There is a comfort that comes when we know we are not alone. But when we realize that it is God who holds our hand and God who is looking out for us, there is a peace like no other.

Even when the ground seems too shaky and uncertainty overtakes our thoughts causing us to become anxious, God tells us that he will reach out his right hand and hold us up. The God of the universe, who created the mountains and everything we see before us, tells us not to worry. He will make sure we don’t fall. He will be right beside us. Like a father who holds the hand of his toddler, we can trust that God will not only lead us, but make sure we get there unharmed.

8. We walk by faith.


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