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“I Don’t Think I Would Go Back To Him”, Betty Bayo Says Of Her Ex Husband Victor Kanyari

Popular Kikuyu gospel singer Betty Bayo separated from her husband Pastor Victor Kanyari following the controversy where he was exposed for performing fake miracles.

Since then she has been silent on the current status of their relationship it has been unclear whether the two completely divorced after that incidence.

Well, during an interview conducted by Jeremy Damaris on a US based TV station (Kikuyu Diaspora) she talked about the whole issue about her family and whether she is still in a relationship with her ex hubby.


So, Jeremy asked Betty if she is still together with her husband, Pastor Kanyari.

She narrated the whole story.

“At first i was so wounded with the whole issue, and as you know, no one would want to be in that situation where everyone is looking at you as a bad person, but sometimes God uses such situations so that other people can learn from your issue.”


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